Autumn comes

Autumn comes.


Going outside and enjoying the natural beauty of nature in all its brilliance during autumn reminds us on how beautiful the planet that we live on really is.  See the country transform from lush green to brilliant hues of orange, red, ochre and gold as the temperatures cool in autumn. Its the season when carpet of leaves cover the floor and the fresh cool air gently blows. It's particularly vibrant in Victoria's High Country, the Grampians and in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania. 

Autumn in Australia

Autumn is also the time where Australia’s major cities put on a party with many of the biggest festivals taking place at this time. 

1) The Sydney Royal Easter Show.

2) Anzac Day in Gallipoli.

3) Blues & Roots Festival in Byron Bay

4) Adelaide’s Fringe Festival.


Turtle hatching

Spend quality time with your family and plan for a little wildlife adventure, head on down to Lady Elliot Island, Heron Island, Great Keppel Island, and Mon Repos Beach in the Southern Great Barrier Reef to witness tiny turtles hatching.

Autumn season in Australia is not like the traditional western seasons, in fact Autumn in Australia is usually a time of growth, as opposed to the decay often linked with autumn.

In the southern half of the country it is often a sign of the coming rains, and cooling temperature. Autumn in Australia is usually a recovery time for plants after a dry summer, during which they do not usually reproduce much produce, rather they grow more rapidly, especially roots. This growth is in preparation for the winter rains which will lead to another rapid growth and reproduction in spring.

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