How to deal with spider mites

How to deal with Spider Mites.


Mites are not insects, but rather spider relatives. Because they are so small, plant damage is usually the first indication of their presence. With more severe infestations, a silky web is frequently observed.

Spider Mites

Adult spider mites and their immature forms both cause plant damage by sucking plant sap. Light-colored speckling on the upper surface of leaves indicates damage, and the plant appears faded overall.

Check for spider mites

If the mites are not controlled, the leaves turn bronzed or yellow, and the plant dies. Spider mites are typically more of a problem on houseplants that are kept indoors all year, particularly palms and English ivy.

Healthy Plants tips:

Spray water forcefully on strong plants, including the undersides of leaves, to dislodge mites and break up their webs. Insecticidal soap can also be sprayed on plants. Spray insecticidal soap, neem oil extract, or a sulfur-containing insecticide on outdoor houseplants. To control mites, it is often necessary to spray once a week for several weeks. To ensure safe use of any insecticides, follow the directions on the label.

Plants placed outside during the summer may have fewer spider mites. Place all houseplants in the shade at first, as even plants that thrive in the sun may be burned until they have adapted to the higher light levels.

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