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      1. What is the main difference of the clay pot by Gracious Plant compare to those commonly found from the big hardware retail chain or nursery?

      As clay are porous and permeable, we have taken the additional effort to seal all the terracotta pot to reduce the residue, efflorescence, mould from taking over the original looks of the pot.

      2. How do I know that the pot is being sealed?

      We have applied 2 coats of purpose mix penetrating sealer to seal all the terracotta pots to ensure your pots will last and look the same for many years ahead. It is a special mix sealer that does not change the original colour of the terracotta pot.

      Note that depending on the type of fertiliser and water being used to water the plant with soil in it, residue and efflorescence might still be noticeable but that will be minor as compare to unsealed pot.

      3 Why there’s crack line on the terracotta pot?

      The minor hairline crack especially on the greige terracotta pot, that’s characteristic of the terracotta pot by itself and there’s nothing wrong with the pot.

      4. Can the terracotta pot be left outside the house?

      Due to the nature of the terracotta pot, it is advisable not to leave the pot expose to cold weather as it tend to break or crack.

      5. The plant received is different from the photo?

      As each and every plant is unique and live, it will continue to mature, grow, reproduce and change in colour hence we cannot guarantee that the plant you receive are exactly the same as the picture. However, we will ensure that you will receive the exact same species of plant that you had ordered.

      6. The pot painting varies to the photos?

      As each and every terracotta pot are unique and hand painted, hence there might be slight variation in shape and tone, will try our best to match each and every pot as close as possible.

      7. The plant varies to the photos?

      As each and every plant is a live plant and unique, hence no plant will look exactly the same. Variation in shape, size and colour will be expected between each plant.


      8. Can the order be cancelled or changed?

      Please email us at within 24hour of purchase for any request. Once the order has been shipped, we are unable to change or cancel the order.

      9. When do I expect the order to be delivered?

      We typically ship live plant during Monday - Wednesday. This is to avoid plant having to go through long transit time especially during weekends. Typically deliveries are expected to be arrived within 1-7 working days depending on the delivery location (upon dispatch from our studio). Please contact our team at if you required something urgent to be delivered.

      For pot only orders, goods will be dispatched throughout the week.

      10. What is the order processing time?

      Typically, order will be processed within 24-48hours. Hence, it is important if any request to amend the order detail to be provided to the team at 24hours upon placement of order. Once the order has been shipped, we are unable to change or cancel the order.

      11. My products arrived damaged

      Unfortunately, this is not what we intended or expected, sometimes things do go wrong during transportation. Please immediately send us a photo with your order number to and we will definitely works things out. Please do notify our team within 24hours of order arriving.

      12. Can I return a plant I did not like? No

      Unfortunately, Gracious Plant does not accept returns on plants that arrived healthy but somehow you do not like it or change or mind. We would love to hear from your feedback and constantly update for improvement.

      13.Do you offer guarantee on your plants? Yes

      Plants are perishable items and sensitive creature, just like bring new life home, and if you follow the care instruction, it will shine your house with love. We take good care and hand pick our plant with our packaging design to ensure they arrive in the best conditions. Note that Gracious Plant shall not be held liable for any damage or deterioration of the plant during transit.

      14. For any other questions that you might have, please contact us at and we’ll be glad to help.