Notice how a simple stroll around a park among the green foliage and flowers can soothe our mind and make us feel so relaxed. In fact, being around nature and plants trigger these responses in our brain to release endorphins that reduces stress, anxiety and ultimately makes us feel happy. Bringing the outdoors inside can replicate this to help instantly brighten your mood and give you a total sense of well-being.

It has become increasingly popular to collect and care for indoor plants in recent years but it is not a totally “new” trend. People have always had an affinity to nature and a strong positive association to plants. Their absence in our lives have been shown to affect us physically and mentally. Science has proven to us that plants make us happier and our minds healthier.  An indoor environment that incorporates natural elements and plants can stimulate our minds to be more active, lift our spirits and create a more positive outlook to life.  


If you happen to live in a busy urban area, you’ll understand the constant noise from cars, lawnmowers, construction work and planes. These types of noises can create a less than ideal peaceful environment. Plants and their foliage have the ability to absorb and diffract sound which helps lower background noise. You can strategically place taller plants by windows or areas where you’d like to diffuse the noise and you’ll instantly have yourself a more peaceful oasis.    

A lovely row of palms or a potted shrub with a smattering of green foliage and delicate flowers can change a sterile space of the home into your own lush haven. Plants are not merely for decoration, placing plants indoors where you can visually see is best for a stagnant environment. Plants have the ability to convert stale air into fresh oxygen thus improving the air quality. Plants add life, vitality, colour and texture to a room regardless if they are clustered on window sills, congregated in corners or suspended in baskets from ceilings. Plants are known to have soothing and healing effects contributing greatly to our health by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, strengthening our immune system and improving sleep. It is important to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of plants in our life and make the best use of what mother nature has given us.

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